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  • Weddings
  • ElationFilms is dedicated to producing with cinematic style and flair – your special day with you in mind.  Getting to know you as a couple will open the doors to your imagination and ours as we craft a package that captures memories for you and your family.  Packages can range from simple to elaborate and can include many options.  Use your imagination and brainstorm with us to see where our productions can meet your dreams.

    Prices from $995.

  • Events
  • ElationFilms can work with you or your team to capture your event, from a special birthday to a corporate affair, with care and with your goals in mind.  We can produce it in a documentary style, or cinematic style, with your story “center stage.”

    Prices from $495.

  • Business / Corporate
  • Small businesses and corporations alike have professional video needs.  Reach out to your clients and add marketing value to your website with professionally produced video by ElationFilms.  Video content is exploding on the internet as viewership increases, so a professional image can be instantly established on your home page’s website.

    If your company requires internal distribution of training or corporate messaging, professionally filmed video may be the answer.  ElationFilms can also produce marketing or promotional video to help you expand your business.

    Prices from $295.

  • Real Estate
  • Many sellers can benefit by having their properties filmed for web distribution.  According to, in 2007, 84% of people used the internet to find their home and 29% found the home they purchased on the internet.  Realty “virtual tours” are most often still photographs, not filmed.  A professionally filmed “walk through” gives a potential buyer an instant “feel” for the property that cannot be duplicated in photographs.  ElationFilms can film and edit a moving virtual tour, highlighting your home’s special features in an engaging, creative style.

    Prices from $295.

  • Special Needs
  • If you, your association, or your business believes your goals may be enhanced with professional video services, please contact us.  We can probably assist you in a tailor made project that will achieve your needs.

    Contact us for a quote.