MAY 20, 2010 - May 20th, 2010

We’re still working on the Bartlett-Shoemaker edit.  I want to get some after the fact sound bites.  We’ll edit these into the sound mix along with footage to embellish the couple’s emotions during particular shots.  I’m trying to set up a meeting with the couple so I can lay their thoughts down on our digi recorder.  By the way, we use an Ediroll R-44 4 channel recorder and we love it!

The real reason to write though is to tell you we met with Cosbie Hollenbeck of Multimedia Solutions.  He’s going to upgrade our website.  He’s a master of all techno trades and is half my age!  Just makes me sick…!

But we want to keep building the brand and Cosbie has the talent to do it.  We’ll let you know how this progresses.


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