I’m happy, but I’m sad.  Still oh so ecstatic about my home team Saints winning the Superbowl, but we decided to forgo Mardi Gras this year, missing out on the continuing celebration!  But this did give us the time to film the Shoemaker Shower and attend an interesting event.   HYPERLINK “http://www.weva.com” WEVA held its first iVideo Convention today.

What a cool concept.  It brought professional videographer speakers/presenters together for forums you could attend online, plus held several chat/conference rooms open for various talk groups.  Like a full up convention, there was even a trade show with sales by various video supply merchants.  Of course there were glitches – chat windows were too small, for example –  but I think it has great potential.  I know I learned a lot by chatting with lots of folks, mainly about video workflow, mediums, platforms, and product delivery.  The technological advancements are mind blowing, so this continuing education is a big help.

Did I mention the Saints won?!!


What a crazy weekend!  It was kickoff for us.  We were hired to cover a 50th Wedding Anniversary in Gainsville.  It was going to be a pretty big gig; Catholic Mass with the Archbishop, big reception… The guys at  HYPERLINK “http://www.showcaseinc.com” Showcase Camera and Video helped out with our equipment needs on Friday since we wanted to film “2 camera.”  But as I arrived to pick up the camera and mics about 2:30, the snow started falling.  Or “dumping,” as the case may be.  Early Saturday, Kara and I had no longer crept out of the subdivision on thick ice when the phone rang.  “Cancelled!”

Ok.  We pulled over and wondered what we were going to do with a truck load of film gear all weekend.  Then we remembered our neighbor’s daughter was having her wedding shower in downtown Marietta that afternoon!

“Is the shower still on?”…  “Yes, just pushed back an hour for weather.“…  “We’re there!”  Cold, but fired up all at the same time!

So you’ll have a glimpse of some rare sights with Katie’s Shower highlights in snowy Marietta coming soon…   (paste link here)


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