About Us

ElationFilms is a family business.  Operated by father / daughter team Mike and Kara Spicuzza.

“Our family has a proud artistic heritage.  From a fairly well known artist / relative (Francesco of Milwaukee) to my dad’s art and architectural career, we seem to have the gene!  It translates nicely to video production.  We all seem to have an eye for it,” says Mike Spicuzza, founder of ElationFilms.

Mike looks after the technical challenges the business presents and appreciates the business owner’s perspective.  Mike is a career pilot and Kara is a senior in college, with a gifted artistic mind.  She loves to paint and practice photography, has very eclectic tastes, loves to travel, and observes everything.

“She sees things I don’t, so we compliment each other in designing shots.  And she’s absolutely fearless!  She’ll try anything!” Mike adds.

Kara will also compliment ElationFilms’ drive to become great at wedding video production.  She can relate to all of the brides and their mothers in a way Mike cannot.  But it doesn’t end there.  Kara likes to keep things fresh and lively and never stagnant.  She is instrumental in tossing out new ideas and keeping the benign, like a simple business interview, rich and alive.

After a few homemade productions, their family and friends encouraged Mike and Kara to embark on a business that would produce professional quality video projects.  After seeking professional tutelage and much research, the team began acquiring equipment and practicing their art.  ElationFilms is the genesis.

Of course, all of the latest or best equipment is worthless without committing yourself to the customer.  “The most important message of all is our dedication to our clients.  We aren’t happy until we can make them happy.”