MARCH 29, 2010

The “NSC Premier 3” DVD was a hit with the New Season Church staff.  They will be selling copies at the services leading up to Easter.

Tonight I spent the evening in Atlanta with Kenny and Frank from  HYPERLINK “” Showcase Camera and Video and then headed across the parking lot to  HYPERLINK “” The DV Shop where the  HYPERLINK “” Atlanta Videographer’s Association was having its meeting.  Various companies and manufacturers sponsor the meetings – tonight’s was Sony – who highlight some of their equipment.  The meetings typically include several knowledgeable speakers on various subjects.  Tonight, after Sony let us play with their new HDR-FX1, we heard some experts on video codecs and internet SEO.

The president of the AVA is Bob Perl (another WEVA Hall of Famer.)  Bob’s a long time videographer who helped shape the business as we know it today.  Bob was also named Event DV magazine’s top 25 All-Stars in 2005.  He is a wealth of information and Kara and I have spent many hours learning the craft from him.  I consider him a friend and mentor.

Anyway, the meeting was fun and informative, and I got to meet a bunch of great folks, in every crease of this business.

Throw in the free dinner (thanks to Sony!) and you’ve got me waiting with baiting breath for the next one!


This week (and last!) I’m spending all my time on the New Season Church edit.  I’m a Final Cut Pro user and I love the interface with Motion and DVD Studio Pro in the Final Cut Studio ensemble.  Mastering the entire suite is a long way off, but putting together the cuts we filmed is coming together pretty easily.

WEVA Hall of Fame videographer Mark Von Lanken, whom we met at the WEVA 2009 convention, hammered the notion that a videographer should “shoot for the edit.”  We always strive to do this.  Getting it right the first time  – while you shoot  – makes the edit run so much more smoothly.  Sometimes it takes more planning, especially for a live event like the church service or a wedding.

I like the fact that we’re including some unrehearsed “man on the scene” interviews along with the emotion of the service.  The Elationfilms edit will be included on a DVD that we’ll produce, which will also contain some of the church’s own short videos.  We’ll test and deliver by March 18th!